Things on Hazel's head.

Jul 17

youreverydaypotato said: Hi Hazel! Please say hi to your photographic assistant and Florie for me! So Hazel, have you any experience with cats? What is your opinion on cats? Thank you! (Woof!)


(I live with two other dogs, and a cat. The cat is well-behaved; I have him almost as well-trained as the humans. We get along fine.)

chardowee said: In Welsh Folklore Corgis were the preferred method of transportation for fairies. I think that means we need to see a fairy on Hazel's head.

"Aruff aroof woof woof!"

(Of course. The next time I am transporting one, I will get my assistant to photograph it.)

paradigmzshift said: I'm sure your dog thoroughly enjoys that...

"Aruff woof wuff woof…"

(I am not sure— I don’t own a dog.)

--sadness--- said: My dog was recently stolen from my backyard around naples fl. Shes a 4 year old husky named hazel. Haha ironic isnt it. Please help im so sad without her. Shes brown and white with blue eyes please help.

"Woof woof raruff woof.."

(Anyone in the Naples, FL area, please be on the lookout…)

kazmius said: What's the heaviest (alternatively, most difficult) thing you've ever balanced on your cute little fuzzy head?

"Awoof raruff woof awuff woooof"

(The sixteen-ton rocket was pretty heavy.)



ilventomiportavialove said: I really love Hazel! P.s Italy loves you ❤❤❤ P.s do you Like pizza and nutella? Xoxo

"aroo- woof woof woof woof"

(Thanks— I love pizza, but my humans don’t let me eat nutella. The chocolate in it is not good for dogs. I did balance a jar once, though…they like it a lot.)

literallyashtonirwin said: what made you realized that this was the key to a balanced life?

"Garoom garoo… awuff woof wuff woof woof woofraruff woof woof)

(It was the cheese… hold still, and cheese results: it’s the key to happiness and happiness is all the balance I need)

a-shannon-world said: Hazel, I miss you. When are coming back?

"Awooooo… Raruff arouf woof woof woof"

(I miss you, too…. My photographic assistant has been really busy, or lazy, or both. I hate it because I get less cheese.)


Jul 16

Finally emerging from my hiding place after the apocalypse (known to humans as 4th of July).

Finally emerging from my hiding place after the apocalypse (known to humans as 4th of July).

mutts-and-pups said: Wow, what a cutie! I plan on getting a corgi soon, maybe I can make him into a cupholder as well!

"Araruff wuff wuff woof woof aroof wuff woof"

(Thanks! Remember, though, that I hold things on my head calmly because I am an older dog— be patient with your puppy!)

pretzel-the-bangaroo said: Hazel! Do you think you could balance 2 origami bunnies on that cute noggin of yours ?

"Woof wuff woof raroof arouf woof woof"

(I can do it, and will, if—or when— I find origami bunnies hopping by.)

da-ev said: Still cute as always. Truly makes me happy to see her.

"Awuff wrarouf? Awoof wuff woof woof"

(I am happy to be seen…By ‘her’ do you mean me? You know that I answer my own questions, right?)

dogtrainjane said: Dear Hazel and Photo Asst. SO glad you are back! Spencer and Herbert (my corgs) are happy too! We missed you! Happy weekend!

"Aroo! Woof woof wuff woof woof"

(Thanks, glad to be back. I just have to get my assistant to post more..)