Things on Hazel's head.

Apr 20

panicatthatbooty asked: Do you pose on the counter?


(I have done this a couple of times; usually because my mama’s service dog is home, and when she is off-duty, she can distract me. That happened this morning with the cupcake and the egg…it’s a big deal for a short dog like me!)


softdrinkslut asked: Hi, I'm sorry to ask this of you but a friend of my recently had her French bulldog Chloe stolen from the tattoo shop she works at in Vancouver. I understand that you have more followers than me and if you could reblog my post about it to get the word out any information is greatly appreciated and needed. If not, I understand. Thank you so much either way.



pineapple-for-president asked: Blogs like yours are literally the reason for my existence thank you 😍😘 your dog is adorable btw :)

"Aroo! Woof woof woof woof!"

(Thanks! I guess cheese is the reason for my existence, and I get some after every picture— what could be finer: a delicious treat for making people happy!)

fandomsarenotweird asked: This isn't really a question but, I love this blog. This is like the most unique blog I've ever seen and no matter how many times I see the same photo or text, I don't seem to stop laughing.

"Awruff woof wrawoof wuff woof!"

(Thanks, I have a lot of fun with it, especially when I get cheese after posing for a photo. Check out stuffonscoutshead to see what a tall dog can balance on his head!)

war-love-peace asked: omg soooooooooooooo cute, soooo fluffy *.* love your dogs



emilylossia asked: My corgi was diagnosed with lymphoma about 6 weeks ago and we've decided to not do chemo and just do prednisone. This of course means that she will be passing soon. I just want to say that Hazel looks just like Foxy, and your tumblr has made me smile a lot.

"Awoof woof"

(I am so sorry to hear about your Corgi. I think about this from time to time because I, too, am an older dog—this is why I am so good at holding still— and know that it must be hard. I am glad to make you smile)

Apr 14

Glass horse.

Glass horse.

Apr 09


Apr 08

Stops squeaks, loosens rusted parts, frees sticky mechanisms…perfect for my arthritis.

Stops squeaks, loosens rusted parts, frees sticky mechanisms…perfect for my arthritis.

Apr 07


Apr 06


blogging-blossom asked: THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE TUMBLR AHHHA



randomdude0001 asked: Hazel, you're the reason I joined tumblr. So be proud, I would like to personally feed you cheese! Good luck on the alternate universes!

"Aroo! Awoof woof wraruff ruff wuff woof wuff woof"

(Thanks! You will find lots of other fun stuff on tumblr— it’s an alternate universe all by itself!)

sonikman102 asked: Who is the dog in the background and what's his/her breed?

"Woof wraruff arrrgh arouf raroof awoof woof woof woof’

(That is Florie, the photobomber. He is a Pomeranian.)