Things on Hazel's head.
Wishing I could be in Montreux.

Wishing I could be in Montreux.

Toy soldier

Toy soldier

Go bulldogs!

Sunday morning hat.

Sunday morning hat.

Saturday night hat.

Saturday night hat.

Taco chip impression redux (re: Ducks?)

From my dog simba: "Aroo woof woof ruff!! Woof arf ruff??"

"Awoof ruf raroof raouf raruff wuff wraroof woof woof; arf-arf gruff garoof raoof— awuff woof woof grumph aruff. Raroof aroo!"

Hazel you is such a cute babby even (especially) in your graying golden doggy years! Your face when you have things on your head is priceless hahaha

"Aruff raouf wuff woof awuff woof woof awuff wuff woof"

(Thanks! That graying, golden-age stuff is my secret— I have calmed down enough to stay still for my photographic assistant…)

Hi, Hazel! I'm so glad to see that you're back! My Corgi passed away two weeks ago, and you look so much like him :) I love what you do, girlie!

"Awruff awoof rarouf ruff woof woofwoof awoof"

(I am sorry about your Corgi— I hope, as a lookalike, that my pictures can make you feel better!)

Hazel I love you!!! You are beautiful and I'd love to give you lots of hugs and kisses!!!!!

"Aruff awoof, garoom ruff woof woof!"

(Thanks! Cheese is a good thing to get too…)

Hazel you are wonderful

"Awoof aroo!"

(Thank you so much!)

I just saw your rocket picture, and I think I recognize that rocket! Is it the one in Warren, NH? Also, Hazel is adorable! I'm so happy I found this blog :)

"Aruff woof woof woof woof!"

(That is the one! I think I mentioned it in the tags. I, too, am happy you found this blog, especially if you have visited one of the objects that I “balanced”!)



Hi! I love your blog 1 because your dogs are absolutely adorable and 2 because I have a corgi that looks much like yours:)I've had my super sweet corgi, Calvin for 12 years to the day. He has a tumor on his stomach bigger than a baseball but has not had a clear diagnosis yet. I can't afford the surgery and he's getting old. I can't imagine life without him because I got him when I turned 4 and moved to America. I'm scared of what will happen How would you handle losing Hazel?:( Advice? Thanks!

"Aroof woof woof wuff woof woof"

(First, I am so sorry about Calvin’s health. I have a few lumps —benign— due to my old age, and worry about them quite a bit also. It’s especially hard, as we older Corgis have mellowed out into wiser, sweeter versions of the usual low-altitude dog; the only worthwhile advice I can give you is to make the best of every moment, and do take pictures!)

Taco Chip impressions…