Things on Hazel's head.
Hazel, I'll be honest, seeing your adorable face on my dash is making my hospital trip a lil brighter. :)

"Aroof aroo— Woof woof woof woof…"

(Thanks for the kind words—and I hope your hospital trip went well…)




Hazel, Enough with the cat photo-- I am going through withdrawal!

"awuff raruff raroof wooff…"

(Cats give ME the creeps too…)

Hello dear family of Hazel, I am writing from Italy! There is a girl named Graziella who is a huge fan of Hazel but is very sick ...



Hazel, the photo with the headless doll on your head seems very reminiscent of Salvador Dali or Andy Warhol. Are you a student of the pop art or surrealist movements in art? I know Warhol did a painting of a can of cheddar cheese soup.

"Aruff garoom aroof raruff woof wuff woof raroo raruff woof woof wuff."

(I usually go for cheesy art, but am not too dogmatic about it. Also good are pictures hung less than twelve inches off the floor.)

Hey Hazel! :) you should be friends with 'puppynoodle', i'm her human :)

"Awooof wuff wuff wraruff woof woof wuff woof!"

( I saw your blog and it is hilarious! I am a follower now.)

hazel! anything i should know about corgis? ive been dying to get some new friends of the type!!

"raruff aroof ruff woof woof woof woof. buff wruff wof wuff woof…)

(We are short— you can’t take a Corgi jogging with you. But you CAN keep a coffee table in the house.)

Hi! woof my human stayed sleeping while she was doing her homework. She wrote an interesting essay, i really want to eat it! but this machine does not allow me (the question is) what can i do to eat her delicious homework, and the same time evading this horrible machine ? woof grrr wooof woof <3

"Aruff woof wurf wuff woof wuff woof woof"

(She will eventually cause her essay to come out of another machine on paper. You should eat it then.)

Hi !😎


Hazel, what is it?

Hazel, what is it?

Did you see Hazel? Theres a popular book going around and the main character was named after you!

"Awoof wrouf ruff woof wuff woof raroof!"

(i haven’t seen it, but it sounds like a great honor! Also, as a dog, I am not much of a reader…)

Hey Hazel! What's your favorite type of flower?

"Aruff woof garoom garoo raruff woof?"

(…is there any kind of cheese flower out there I could check out?)

I was going to kill myself, then I found your blog I think I'll wait

"Aroo, woof wuff woo woof arf ruff woof…"

(Thanks for the kind words, and there is always something better coming up— keep waiting….)

Do you have an Instagram? You should post on Instagram!!!

"awoof ruff woof woof ruff woof!"

(It’s hard enough to get my photographic assistant to post things here! he is lazy, and that makes it easy to be loyal to tumblr.)