Things on Hazel's head.
why the name hazel? *curious*

"Awruff raroo raruff woof woof wuff woof"

(My Corgmom’s sister named me ‘Hazelnut Flower’, and the humans use ‘Hazel’ for short.)




One full rotation in a zebra-striped alternate reality. This is the other secret dimension to which I go to develop my balance skills.

HAZEL!!! WOOFF wwarrrOOFF !!! WOOF RRAUUF?! (You should be a youtube star!!! Why aren't you on there?) Sorry about my accent!!!! I am still learning! Much love!!!!!

"Awoof woof woof!"

(My photographic assistant is learning— maybe sometime soon!..and your accent is fine!)

Do you know Scout? He balances things on his head too, Hazel!! I think he'd like you 💖🐶💖🐶💖

"wraruff aroof woof woof woof WOOF!"

(I LOVE Scout— I follow him, and everyone else should follow him, too! He balances some incredible stuff on his head!)   stuffonscoutshead 

Hi, would it be possible to post a video of Hazel??


(There are a few videos further back in the blog— you would have to go pretty far back, though— They were very hard to get onto tumblr, but now with the new camera in his new phone, I will ask my photographic assistant to try again.)

Hazel you adorable little puppy, is there anything you won't balance?

"Aruff woof garuff wruff raroof wuff woof"

(If something is too heavy, I shake it off.)

Your blog is great Hazel! Could you balance a small pyramid of cheese cubes on your head? (:

"Aroo! awoof woof wuff woof!"

(Thanks! …and yes, I can do that!)

One full rotation in a cheetah-spotted alternate reality

Balance a weighing scale which has a balanced weight in its cups :D

"Rouwf? Aroff wraruff woof wuff woof wuff"

(Are you sure I can do that? I will look for one, but, er, no promises…)

Hazel, how did you get trained so well?

"Araruff wuff wraroof wuff woof woof…"

(It’s a mystery to me. All I do is hold still and the result is cheese…)

Your account makes me really happy:) (tho actually I'm more of a cat person shhtt)

"Aroo! Awuff woof woof woof"

(Thanks! No problem, I live with a cat and it is possible to adapt…)

Yes, it’s on my head…. but my head is upside down.

This is my favorite tumblr account ever to be made ever and it makes me so happy and I love it so much and it's perfect and thank you for existing Hazel you are the best

"Aroof aroo! Woof woof woof wuff wuff woof!"

(Awwww, thanks! But you know— this blog started by accident. A good accident, though, as it has caused: CHEESE!)

Hazel, you've brightened my day!

"Aroo! Araruff woof woof woof!"

(Thanks! I have to admit it’s easy to do— I just hold still and they give me chhese. What a racket!)